The 100th Toronto Scout Group is affiliated and chartered with Scouts Canada

The Zoroastrian Society of Ontario (ZSO) on September 19th 1990, sponsored and helped the founding of the ‘First Zoroastrian Scout Group’. The ZSO premises, is the home base of the ‘First Zoroastrian Scout Group’. 

The Scout Group is divided into three groups;

  1. Children 5 to 7 years of age enroll in the Beavers-Scouts. 

  2. The children between 8 to 10 years of age form the Cub-Scouts. 

  3. The Scouts is for youth between the ages of 11 to 13years. 

There are options to form Venture-Scouts for youth of the age 14 to 17 and Rovers for the age 18 to 24. 

The 100 Toronto Scout Group is open to children with at least one parent of the ‘Zoroastrian’ faith.

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