Community Support Form

Are you eager to expand your business exposure or extend a helping hand to newcomers in employment opportunities? The form located below is tailored for businesses and business professionals alike, aiming to foster support for new members of the Zoroastrian community seeking employment or assistance.

Businesses / Professionals Form

Do you lease or rent out room(s) in the Greater Toronto Area region? The form listed below aims to build a database of Zoroastrians living in the Greater Toronto Area region that would like to accommodate (rent/lease) Zoroastrian newcomers in their home or rental units.

Accommodation Form

Hall Bookings

Thinking about using the facility at MGDM for other religious ceremonies and functions? Please download and fill out the hall rental application form and send via email to Hoofrish Patel at Your patience is appreciated until confirmation of your booking is received via email.

Main Hall Rental Application Form

Prayer Room Booking

If you need to book the Dadgah prayer room for prayer rituals, please contact Hoofrish Patel at to confirm the booking and to have it published on the ZSO Events page.

See the list of Mobeds who can assist with Zoroastrian prayer rituals.

Mobed Services

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