Muktad FAQ

Friday, August 06, 2021 2:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Dear ZSO members,

In recent days, many of you have reached out to the ZSO Board requesting clarifications on the protocols and guidelines for the upcoming Farvardegan (Muktad) days.

We understand this is an auspicious time in our faith and community. However, the safety of the entire community is our first priority.  We’d like to take this opportunity and re-enforce to you all that while we acknowledge the positivity and good vibes for the Step 3 of the reopening with vaccinations, etc., the Pandemic is still NOT over. We continue to be in a state of pandemic and hence we have to still be very cautious and careful of our actions for the safety of ourselves, our loved ones and our community at large. While in Step 3 of Ontario’s Roadmap to Re-open, we must all continue to follow the public health measures, advice and restrictions.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

What is the MGDM capacity during Farvardegan days?

We are following the guidelines as outlined on the province’s website for religious services, rites or ceremonies, including wedding services and funeral services (does not apply to receptions and social gatherings) by having the 2M distancing in place during our Farvardegan days and will be able to accommodate up to 50 people – including volunteers, Priests and care-taker – between the Dadgah and the Main Hall.

What are the hours of the MGDM during Farvaredegan days?

The MGDM will be open for visits by appointment and during the scheduled prayer times only with health & safety protocols to follow. The revised hours of operations from August 11th – 15th, 2021 are 6am - 9pm.

All the following prayers will be performed and live streamed on ZSO’s YouTube channel during the Farvardegan days as per the schedule in the Newsletter:

  • Three Satoom sessions (morning, afternoon and evening),  
  • Afringan 
  • Farokshi in the morning
  • Evening Satoom and Hum Bundagi  

Why are visits by appointment only?

Contact tracing and capacity limits continue to be a mandatory requirement for all businesses and faith-based organizations under the provincial and health guidelines. Appointment bookings will help us maintain accurate records and ensure we are abiding by the capacity limits as well as well giving enough time between visits for cleaning and sanitization. 

What is the policy for sandalwood offerings and Prayer books?

For the upcoming Farvardegan days, we encourage our members to purchase sandalwood from the ZSO as another method of donation, however, if you wish to bring your own, you're more than welcome to do so.  We will also be accepting donations of the same. For those who cannot visit the MGDM and wish to make an offering, please do so from the ZSO Store by clicking here.

We strongly recommend and encourage members to bring their own masks, prayer books and head covering as it will not be provided at the MGDM to avoid the spread of any germs, cross contamination and most importantly not being able to sanitize our holy books.

Why are we not allowed to consume any food or Chasni?

The Zoroastrian Society of Ontario’s Mehraban Guiv Darbe Mehr is a place of worship and we have to abide by the guidelines within this category. In order to serve food, we need adequate licenses for serving and handling food and cannot have a self-serve buffet system. If we have volunteers serving food, whether buffet or sit down they also need to have a food handling license. This requirement is now applicable to all event spaces and banquet halls as well.

Everything we are doing as your elected Board of the ZSO is to ensure the safety of our community.

We hope this communication has brought some clarity to everyone. We look forward to seeing you  at the MGDM during the upcoming Farvardegan days and thank you for your continued patience, support and dedication.

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