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WZO - Raising Funds For Ervad Jehanbux Chhithiwala

Thursday, January 13, 2022 6:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The Zoroastrian Society of Ontario (ZSO) and the Ontario Zoroastrian Community Foundation (OZCF) is seeking your help and support for the following appeal by WZO requesting urgent assistance for Er. Jehanbux Chhitiwala, Boywalla at Banaji Atash Behram.

All donations of $25 and greater made through the ZSO website will receive a donation receipt and we will send the collections to WZO.

We thank you for your continued support and generosity!


World Zoroastrian Organization, U.S. Region Ltd.
6943 Fieldstone Drive, Burr Ridge, Illinois 60527-5295

Phone: (630) 654-8828   Fax: (630) 654-8838   kayomehta@aol.com

Request Urgent Assistance for Er. Jehanbux Chhithiwala, Boywalla at Banaji Atash Behram 

Ervad Jehanbux Chhithiwala, a full time Mobed 52 years of age, married with a wife and college going daughter, practicing at Banaji Atash Behram suffered a brain stroke and was hospitalized on December 26, 2021 at Saifee Hospital, Mumbai.

We were informed that the hospital has asked the family to deposit Rs.1,800,000 (approximately USD 24,000), as Er. Jehanbux Chhithiwala needs to undergo emergency surgery for placement of a stent in his brain to save his life.

Er. Jehanbux Chhithiwala and his family is in great distress and needs our help. With your assistance, we can help them meet his Medical Expenses in his hour of  need. We request your generous Donations to help him recover from his current condition. Please donate generously to WZO US Region to provide the much­needed help.

Kindly make your donation checks payable to "WZO" with a reference to "Er. Jehanbux Chhithiwala" and mail them to WZO US Region address (6943 Fieldstone Drive, Burr Ridge, Illinois 60527-5295). Please make sure to provide your email address, and phone number to facilitate sending a tax receipt for your kind donation.

Thank you very much for your Zoroastrian Spirit.


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