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    2021 FEZANA Scholarship Application Now Open

    Did you know that FEZANA awards more than $70,000 in scholarships every year? FEZANA Scholarships are available for students in the following categories: graduate studies, undergraduate studies, performing and creative arts, culinary arts, and sports.

    Scholarships range from $1,000 to $10,000 and are based on academic standing, community service, and financial need.  The application portal is now open and will close on July 1, 2021 at 23.59. EST. For more information and for the application, please visit:

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    NAMC Institute of Zoroastrian Studies

    Lecture Series

    Sunday, May 9, 2021,  at 2 pm Eastern Time, 11 am Pacific Time

    Topic: Amesha Spenta – A Stairway from Physical to Spiritual

    Zoom link:

    Meeting ID: 956 2879 7294   Passcode: NAMC

    The talk will elaborate on the Divine level of the Holy Immortals with references from Older and Younger Avestan texts. It will further describe in detail the implications of each of the emanations to demonstrate how one ascends the steps of the Divine staircase to transform oneself to the highest spiritual level.

    Presenter: Dr. Ervad. Jehan Bagli

    Ervad Jehan Bagli retired as Distinguished Research Fellow of Wyeth/Ayrest Pharmaceutical Research. He was a founding member and President of Zoroastrian Association of Quebec and the editor of Gavashni, a North American Zarathushti publication, for 16 years. He has published six books and lectured extensively on various aspects of the Zoroastrian religion in North America and abroad. 

    For more information, please visit

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    ZSO Youth Committee wants YOUR feedback! Fill out this short 3 question survey to let us know what you think about our events and how we can improve in future events!

    Survey Link

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    ZSO's Academic and Community Service Excellence Award for High School Students Scholarship has open up for 2021. Click on the link below.

    2021 ZSO Scholarship Form

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    World Zoroastrian Organization, U.S. Region Ltd.
    6943 Fieldstone Drive, Burr Ridge, Illinois 60527-5295

    Phone: (630) 654-8828   Fax: (630) 654-8838

    Zarathushtis in India are continuing to suffer severely from the brunt and after effects of the Corona virus. WZO Trust, India has been extremely busy assisting affected individuals. By the end of September, assistance was provided to over two thousand (2,295) recipients. This aid was provided as payments to Hospitals, Purchase of ventilators, aid to individuals in economic distress and in the form of distribution of food grains to the needy. The need to continue these forms of aid is absolutely imperative with the onslaught of the second wave of the Corona virus.

    Every day there are requests from individuals and institutions who have been financially impacted due to the Pandemic - either medically, or by way of, loss of income.

    We will best be able to extend support for community members affected by the pandemic:

    a) Providing financial support to full time Mobeds that work at Agiyaries on a daily wages basis and   were unable to carry out duties due to the lockdown and Agiyaries remaining shut.

    b) Individuals who have lost their jobs or suffered cuts in salaries.

    c) Business men and entrepreneurs who have suffered losses.

    d) Zoroastrian agrarians suffering losses on account of being unable to transport their produce; poor Zoroastrians who have brick kilns, cattle dairy farms, poultry farms and the like.

    e) Distributing foods grains in cities, towns and villages to the needy.

    f)  Providing Oxygen and equipment to hospitals. A single Ventilator costs USD10,000.

    The task is humongous but we are determined to play a very proactive role and do our very best.

    The recovery period is still very distant but WZO is committed to continue their mission to provide the needed support to the affected individuals.

    They need our help. With your assistance, we can help our fellow community members in their hour of need. We request your generous Donations to help them during this terrible pandemic situation. Please donate generously to WZO US Region to provide the much needed help. Your donation will enable our fellow Zarathushtis mitigate and survive this disaster. Kindly make your donation checks payable to "WZO" with a reference to "Corona” and mail them to WZO US Region address. Please make sure to provide your mailing address, email and phone number to facilitate receipt for your kind donation.



    6943 Fieldstone Drive

    Burr Ridge IL   60527-5295


    Thank you very much for your Zoroastrian Spirit.

    With kind regards,

    Kayomarsh P. Mehta


    Ushta ahmai yahamai ushta kahmai-chit.

    Happiness to him, who make others Happy. Ushtavaiti Gatha, Yasna 43.

    The mission of World Zoroastrian Organization is to be of service to all, by providing critical assistance and support to the needy anywhere in the world. WZO US Region Ltd. is a registered tax deductible 501(c) 3 charitable organization registered in USA. Tax Exempt I.D: 36-4236575.

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  • Wednesday, April 28, 2021 7:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    With overwhelming request, we bring part 2 of the Natak to you. Looking forward to your virtual company on Friday.

    Zoom Link:

    Meeting ID: 939 8425 5222

    Passcode: 397284

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    This year – subject to prevalent conditions – the Zoroastrian Society of Ontario’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday, July 18, 2021 at 11 AM Eastern Time.

    The backbone of any religious not-for-profit charity, such as ZSO, is its membership. And ZSO is blessed to have a wealth of selfless, dedicated and talented members, like you, passionate about volunteering to serve and strengthen our vibrant Zoroastrian community together.

    Your Board is excited to confirm the following positions become vacant at the upcoming AGM:

    President – 2 Year Term

    Vice President – 2 Year Term

    Secretary – 2 Year Term

    Assistant Treasurer – 2 Year Term

    Executive Officer 2 – 2 Year Term (1 Year if filled by outgoing President)

    Assistant Secretary – 1 Year Term

    If you’ve ever wanted to showcase your talent, air your ideas and collaborate with passionate fellow Zoroastrians, in Ontario, across North America and around the world, complete a nomination form as the first step to bring your vision to life!

    Oh and did we mention, this year ZSO proudly completes its 50th year…. Yes, it’s the organization’s Golden Jubilee year; such a memorable milestone in our ongoing journey!

    We certainly feel tremendous gratitude to the visionary founders and volunteers who have achieved so much for ZSO in it’s first 50 years. And by the Grace of Ahura Mazda, we are thrilled to start the next 50 years and more, with you leading the way to realize the vision of the next generation! So what are you waiting for? Just complete and mail the nomination form to the address below or email to by 11 AM Eastern Time on Sunday, June 13, 2021:


    Zoroastrian Society of Ontario

    3590 Bayview Ave

    Toronto ON M2M 3S6

    It’s your turn to make a positive impact on our shared Zoroastrian destiny!

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    As a tiny glimmer of hope brightens on the horizon with businesses starting to reopen, and life slowly resuming back to a semblance of normality… WZCC Toronto, jointly with Project, “Jobs for Every Zoro”, proudly announces a webinar on Recruitment & Career Strategies.

    Is your resume/CV invisible?

    Tune in for the keys to getting on the recruiter’s or HR Manager’s shortlist.

    Need help finding the right career?

    Listen in to the Methodology of the Job Search

    Sign up to attend the “Recruitment & Career Strategies Workshop” with WZCC Toronto Chapter, here:


    Havovi Patel has over 15 years of corporate experience in the financial services sector. By virtue of her experience in HR, Learning & Development, and business development roles, she has a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by the corporate world. As a life coach, she supports individuals in facilitating positive change towards reaching their full potential.

    Zubin Treasuryvala is Director & CEO of Treasure Hunters People Solutions. He has over 15 years of National Talent Acquisition expertise and is a Master Head-hunter & Talent Acquisition specialist. He has conducted more than 5,000 interviews across the board.

    Event Date: Saturday, May 8th, 2021 @ 10:30 AM EST

                         Saturday, May 8thth, 2021 @ 8:00PM IST

     Fee: $6.00 Non-Members

             Complimentary for Member

    Any questions? Please contact:

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    The Board of Directors of the Ontario Zoroastrian Community Foundation are excited to share the news of our support of a nationwide project called Love My Neighbour, inspired by Millennium Kids and Canadian faith communities, which exists to increase COVID vaccines delivered throughout the developing world to end the COVID-19 pandemics.

    The Love My Neighbor project has a goal to supply 38 million additional vaccines to our neighbors living in lower- income countries – that’s one for each grateful Canadian. We know delayed vaccinations in poor regions around the world put everyone at risk of additional COVID mutations for years to come.

    Ontario Zoroastrian Community Foundation is committed to support this project as part of Canadian faith communities in an effort to ensure the world’s most vulnerable people have access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

    We are asking our CANADIAN Zoroastrian communities to support this worthy cause. The OZCF has formed a support web page titled “Zoroastrians for Love My Neighbour” and will also be encouraging other Zoroastrian organizations in Canada to support this worthwhile initiative. As a community of Canadian Zoroastrians, we are attempting to raise

    $25,000 which will help administer approximately 1000 vaccines to those in need.

    You will receive a tax receipt from UNICEF. That's where YOU come in!

    As of April 16, you, your friends, family and/or colleagues can donate to our “Zoroastrians for Love My Neighbour” project in partnership with UNICEF Canada. Each 2-dose vaccine will amount to a donation of $25 for a global neighbour. We need to spread the word across Canada in order to ignite the generosity Canadians are known for and ensure our poorest 4 billion global neighbours receive access to the lifesaving COVID vaccines in 2021. (The global partnership, COVAX, is currently aiming to vaccinate only 20% of this half of the globe in 2021!)

    Each donation will fund everything needed to deliver a 2-dose vaccine from the manufacturer to people in the world’s hardest-to-reach places. This includes the vaccines, per-person cost for transport, cold chain protection, health worker training, and safe disposal of needles and waste.

    How you can help!

    • This will help us track monies donated by Zoroastrians towards this cause.
    • Remember, all donors will receive tax receipts from UNICEF

    Join us in gifting forward, as we leverage our connections to end the global pandemic and help those most vulnerable.

    On behalf of the OZCF Board, thank you for your support and generosity.

    Xerxes Madan,

    President, OZCF

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